Kiara Fontanesi


At the current time there is no lady in the world faster on an off-road motorcycle than Kiara Fontanesi. Three FIM Motocross World Championships dominated back-to-back and race success in America and at X Games prove the fact. At one stage in her very recent youth Kiara had to choose between accomplishment at gymnastics or her dirt bike. Thankfully for fans and aspiring female racers out there the Italian ditched the bodysuit for body armour and in a period of three years emerged from being a fiercely promising athlete to peerless FIM world champion. A first Grand Prix podium was celebrated in the sand of Lierop in 2009 (on a two-stroke no less) and it took ‘Fonta’ - still a sixteen year old then - another two years to train, grow and progress to the powerful race victor of 2012 that obliterated the FIM competition and then went over to the USA to kick AMA butt and win in southern California for the final round of the Women’s series. 2013 was a similar story and five wins from seven rounds duly delivered title number two. 2014 was tougher with a new bike and fiercer competition from the likes of Meghan Rutledge and the championship went down to the final round in the Czech Republic where Kiara’s experience shone through and culminated in an emotional celebration. Treasured by Yamaha and equally loved here at Monster Energy Kiara is an easy-going and fun athlete who still likes to walk that balance beam of between glory and disaster but does it on the dirt with much panache.

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