Frederik Kalbermatten


Powerful and deliberate are two words that describe what Swiss powder pro Frederik Kalbermatten does on his snowboard. A few other descriptors of this renowned regular-footer would include: precise, flowing, and fearless. For over a decade Fredi has traveled the globe from his home base at Saas Fee in the Swiss Alps, chasing the dream of the video pro. As a key member of Burton Snowboards’ elite Global Team, Fredi’s made an international rep for himself by straightlining chutes in Alaska and spinning over gaping crevasses all around Europe. And over the years, his jumping skills have earned him the moniker “Stompermatten.” After several years of filming with Standard Films, FK has teamed back up with his bros at Absinthe Films where he continues his legacy of producing incredible all-mountain freestyle footage. When he’s not looping around the globe to places like Hokkaido and Haines, Fredi can found spinning records at his bar (literally his bar) in Saas Fee called Popcorn. He’s also the co-owner of a streetwear brand, Atreebutes that he does with fellow Swiss shred pro Nicolas Müller. When it comes to technical freeriding and hitting giant jumps in the backcountry, few riders possess the power and finesse of Fredi K.

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