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2020 X Games Aspen

2020-01-23 thru 2020-01-26


X Games announced the sports and disciplines for X Games Aspen 2020, including new additions of Snowboard SuperPipe Best Trick, Snowboard Rail Jam and, following the success of Snowboard Knuckle Huck in 2019, Ski Knuckle Huck.

Snowboard SuperPipe Best Trick - Riders will have the opportunity to throw the best trick in their arsenal in the SuperPipe. The competition will be in a jam session format, with eight riders competing for 20-minutes, scored on overall impression.

Snowboard Rail Jam - For this new addition, riders will take as many runs as possible in a jam session format, using only the rails on the Slopestyle course. Based on the overall impression, judges will rank the riders throughout the competition and take into consideration progression, difficulty, execution, and variety.

Ski Knuckle Huck - X Games will continue to celebrate the style and creativity inherent in winter sports with the addition of Ski Knuckle Huck. Instead of hitting the Big Air jump as they traditionally would, riders instead take off the knuckle (rollover) of the jump and huck their most unique trick, finishing in the same landing area. Since the athletes do not get as much height, the tricks must instead rely on technicality and creativity throughout the jam session format.

The full list of disciplines at X Games Aspen 2020 is as follows:

Big Air (M & W)
Slopestyle (M & W)
SuperPipe (M & W)
Knuckle Huck
Special Olympics Unified

Big Air (M & W)
Slopestyle (M & W)
SuperPipe (M & W)
Knuckle Huck
SuperPipe Best Trick
Rail Jam
Special Olympics Unified

Snowmobile & Snow Bike
Snowmobile Freestyle
Snow BikeCross
Snow Bike Best Trick
Para Snow BikeCross
Adaptive Snow BikeCross

Monster Energy Competing Athletes:

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
Aaron Blunck
Ferdinand Dahl
Henrik Harlaut
Sarah Hoefflin
Birk Irving
Gus Kenworthy
Evan McEachran
Cassie Sharpe
Brita Sigourney
Maggie Voisin
David Wise
James Woods

Jamie Anderson
Ayumu Hirano
Chloe Kim
Kokomo Murase
Max Parrot
Rene Rinnekangas
Ståle Sandbech
Darcy Sharpe
Sven Thorgren
Yuto Totsuka

Snowmobile & Snow Bike
Heath Frisby
Joe Parsons
Brett Turcotte
Doug Henry
Cody Matechuk
Paul Thacker

The three medalists from each X Games Aspen 2019 discipline returning in 2020 and the X Games Aspen 2019 gold medalists from Snow Bike Best Trick and Snowboard Knuckle Huck received an early invite to compete today. The first full round of invited athletes will be announced soon.