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Serbian Underground Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia




During a sort of extreme organizational break, the MTA team decided that only concerts for close partners and special occasions would work. Well, well, this is one such thing! In cooperation with Scarim and Black Box, in Belgrade this week we expect a completely hellish Friday. Except that we always expect a specific hometown performance BF, this will happen in a chosen society!


HARMED are special guests from abroad. There is a living proof that in neighboring Hungary we have a modern metalcore for wanting. Last year they played for the first time with us and they showed a profound performance at the hedlajner level of your favorite tour. Technically precise brutal riffs!


VICERS are young and eager for the "blood" of the hopes of this andergraund scene. During the previous period, with the intensity of work and support provided by the BF, MTA, but also many other domestic heroes, they deserved a call to join the team that evening. A death metal experiment that furies pretends to be a revelation of the evening.


SIDES are a special surprise concert! The best thing about the assassination in Serbia at this time. They received a "wired" card call in the last minute, as the circumstances justified such a move - they are in the orthaka category, and they decided to go to standby for a while. It was a mutual wish that they should be properly presented before the audience here before.


In the end ... BLANKFILE, after half a year and a few excursions outside Belgrade, returns to his hometown. Famous faces, singalongas, hugs and tons of energy should sound the strongest this Friday! Hardcore riffs, metalkor breaks and punkrock are the reflections that BF does best. Especially for this Friday, the guys are preparing a novelty, as the announcement of entering the studio and preparing a new edition.


While we are off the cold days, finally, we are waiting for this summer vacation, sometime between the final exams and regular jobs, we are hitting the exhaust valve to save us total madness. Come to BF in the studio, Harmed on the tour, let's figure out how good Vicery is and break the door next to Sides - where will you be a better valve than that?