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Drag wars CZ vs SK 2016 is a traditioonal drag racing event taking place in Trenčín, Slovakia, including races of Slovak and foreign car and motor bike racers, exibithion of US veterans and muscle cars and much more.

Drag Wars SK vs. CZ Trenčín



Last round of Slovak car and motorcycle sprint championship 2017, which is a joined race with points counting into championships of both Czech Republic and Slovakia, is going to take place at Trenčín airport on 16th of September at the traditional event called Drag Wars SK vs. CZ. Apart from CZ and SK drivers, there will be also a large group of brutal cars from Poland.

The goal of the organizers is once again to reach the highest concentration of horsepower per square meter and bring audiences a full-day roar of extreme specials with performance often over 1,000 horsepower. The race on 402-meter long track will take place in three basic categories - Cars Profi, Street Cars and Motorcycles, which are then divided by engine capacity and drive into each class. The final rides of the eight fastest cars will decide about the winners and there will be also the most attractive elimination Shootout among eight absolute fastest cars, regardless of volume class.

The event will also include another popular attractions such as static Car Fans Cup competition, Audio Cup Slovakia and US Cars meeting.

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