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Luke Woodham at the first round of the 2016 Fueltopia Barrel Sprint championship

FBS Gymkhana Grid Qualifier at Ace Cafe London Stunt Festival and Street Fighter Show



Get set for an epic day of shred on Sunday 17th July, as the official UK qualifying round for Gymkhana GRiD 2016 touches down at Wembley stadium in London.

Ace Café London's action packed Stunt Festival & Streetfighter Show will  host the live action finals of the Freestyle Open Stuntbike Championship Finals where riders will be competitng for a prize fund totalling 5K. The event will be the only chance that UK drivers will have to compete for a place in the 2016 Gymkhana GRiD finals, set to hit Greece in October.

While there can only be one winner, the intense and technical Fueltopia Barrel Sprint format will guarantee maximum seat time for competitors, and ensure only the very best drivers rise to the top.

For more information, and to lock in your entry – costing £50 – in either the rear-wheel or all-wheel drive category, drop the clutch on an email to [email protected]. Have you got what it takes?