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Posters of Freestyle Family event in Poland

Freestyle Heroes 2019



After 3 years of preparations the organizers of the legendary extreme sports festival Baltic Games and the Freestyle Family crew invite you to Freestyle Heroes – Extreme & Moto Show, a great spectacle of actions sports that has never been seen in Poland! Monster Energy is a partner of this event.


33 selected riders from Poland and Europe will present themselves in 7 disciplines. Flights 25 metres in the air, at the height of the 3rd floor, double flips, quad and buggy backflips are bread and butter for them.

Two generations of athletes will compete in this unique battle. Riders on both BMX and MTB will show that sometimes less is more. Due to their low weight, tricks on bikes are more spectacular and breathtaking than those on dirt bikes. First of all coming back to Poland we will see Adolf Silva and Alex Nikulin who will amaze once again Polish fans with their spectacular tricks. Among Polish riders we will see: Dawid Godziek, Marek Łebek, Rafał Kierc, Paweł Stachak, Bartek Zięcina. The line-up will be completed by: Pavel Alekhin, Yura Starosta, Vilibald Vitek, Erik Figar and Jakub Benda. Many of these riders are well known and their achievements speak for themselves. Those names guarantee a huge dose of adrenaline and tricks that keep fans on their toes.

During the show, we will also see riders on dirt bikes. Marcin Łukaszczyk and Bartek Ogłazę from the Freestyle Family team will ride together with Nick Ivankov, Leonardo Fini, Ondrej Zaruba and Radek Bilek. The moto team will be completed by Gerhard Mayr, who will do the backflip in a buggy as well as Patryk and Maciej Siekaj, who will prove that on ATVs you can also fly from the ramp and pull the tricks.

Richard Zelinka, who took the podium in Nitro World Games, will show some amazing tricks on his scooter together with Bart Oskroba and Jara Soukup. We are sure that inline skaters will add nonetheless spectacular tricks from their side. The spectators in the south of Poland have not seen anything like this so far, that's for sure.

The arena will have about 3000m2. The unpresented in our country dynamics of the spectacle will be based on 3 big landing spots, which will allow to make triple synchronous jumps!

The project was based on an original formula of two teams fighting with each other over evolutions and tricks – Young Freaks vs Old School Rockers, the endless fight between young wolves and the old warhorses.

Who will win the battle? Fans will decide on March 23rd.

DJ Lucky Boy, one of the best DJ's from Czech will start the party at the event.


Freestyle Heroes are:

▪ 33 world class riders, including X Games medal and Nitro World Games podium winners

▪ 3 MOTO disciplines (8 x FMX, 2 x QUADY, 1 x BUGGY)

▪ 4 EXTREME disciplines (8 x MTB, 8 x BMX, 3 x INLINE, 3 x SCOOTER)

▪ 3 big landing spots

▪ FireShow – Psycho Dolls

▪ Scene effects


Date and location:

Freestyle Heroes

March 23rd, start at 5 PM

Arena Gliwice - Akademicka 50, Gliwice, Poland



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