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Monster Energy Rally Sprint India

2019-02-23 thru 2019-02-24


We are pleased to announce that Monster Energy is a proud sponsor of RallySprint 2019!

Taking place in Jaipur on February 23rd through the 24th, this event allows you and your vehicle to experience all the fun of rally racing without having to spend all the extra cash making major modifications to your car. That's right, RallySprint 2019 is giving you one of the best platforms for thrilling motorsport action!

Being bigger and better than ever before, RallySprint 2019 is offering four Rallysprint tracks that have been specifically prepared for vehicles without the fancy bells and whistles of the professionals.

But that's not all!

If you enroll in the prepared classes beforehand, you'll be able to tool around on the additional night track!

So whether you plan on testing your technical track or long fast flowing skills, RallySprint 2019 is the place to be! These tracks are some of the best ways to safely enjoy your rally prep car or stock daily car since the surface of the tracks have been made to provide an enjoyable experience no matter what you plan on driving.

Oh yeah, it's also worth mentioning you'll be driving, driving, and driving some more with each entry you make.

Entry is FREE so come take a look!