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Photos from 11th Athens International Tattoo Convention fuelled by Monster Energy.

Monster Ink Tattoo Fest 2017

2017-10-06 thru 2017-10-08


It’s almost that time again; the coolest tattoo-event of the Netherlands takes place on October 6, 7 and 8 in Venray! Monster Ink Tattoo Fest was a huge success last year during their first edition. This second edition promises more and more goodness and will surely blow your mind! What does the event have to offer you?

First of all, Monster Ink Tattoo Fest is a tattoo expo. This of course means that there will be tattoos and tattooing! The tattooing will be provided by well over 200 international artists. These artists are carefully selected, so that you don’t have to worry; you’ll be happy to know that you can easily stroll around and see a whole lot of awesome work!

Every great tattoo-event needs a contest and you can surely find one at Monster Ink: a professional jury will judge tattoos in the categories Best of Day (for both individual days), Dotwork, Old Skool, Colour, Realistic, Asian, Best of Show and Vampire.

Next to tattooing, you’ll find a trade show at Monster Ink Tattoo Fest. More than 30 traders will be present, selling various items from clothing, trough rarities, to all sorts of beverages. 

And some more you will not want to miss: entertainment. And entertainment you’ll get, in the form of performances by the exciting, fire breathing and acrobatic ladies named The Fuel Girls. The sword-swallowing bombshell Lucky Hell will be present to do her performances and the painful looking shows by the Flying Monkeys Suspension Crew will surely make you cringe a little. The Demon Drome Wall of Death will mess with your ideas of gravity with their motorcycles. If that makes you want to ride something, be sure to find the bumper cars! Last but not least, there’s the Tribal Trading piercing show to see.

Monster Energy will be around with shows by some of the DTX13 men, who enthusiastically call themselves Team #Genieten (which is translated to Team #Joy). These men will show you they find their joy in life in crazy tricks on their BMX bikes!

Last of all, but certainly not to miss from this event, there is a musical factor. And the music in question will be brought to you by The Anaesthetics and Diona Fox & Her Ragdolls! The weekend will be hosted by Eric Liyah Kane and Gamekings host Steven Saunders.

Make sure not to miss this event and buy your tickets ASAP!