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Behind the scenes photo from shooting Monuments 2 skateboarding video. This video was shot at various European locations.

Monuments 2 - Abandoned places premiere

2017-10-19 thru 2017-11-11


The second documentary of the Monuments series, a project of young Slovak photographer Peter Mercell, will be screened at three venues including Hangair in Bratislava, Kino Maj in Poprad and Kino Pilotů in Prague this autumn.

The Monuments project originated in 2015, when Peter decided to put three young skateboarders in the car and set off on an unconventional tour. He wanted to combine skateboarding with traveling and, together with the crew, try to ride on forgotten Communist monuments. Everything worked out well and it was published as a 20 minutes long documentary (

The first Monuments movie introduced four monuments including the world’s most bizarre building Buzludzha in Bulgaria. The second part of the document brings a lot more monuments, complemented by old abandoned places, which, thanks to skateboarding, have come alive for at least a while. Five Slovak skaters tried to ride, for example, on the famous Transfagarasan highway or in the old Romanian casino in Constanta.

Check out the official teaser for Monuments 2 - Abandoned places and don’t forget to visit one of the premiere evenings.

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