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Punk Rock Bowling Murder City Devils side show admats

Punk Rock Bowling presents: Murder City Devils @ Bunkhouse



Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival returns this May 24-27, 2019 to Las Vegas for Round XXI of the best punk rock and bowling party on the planet! 

Monster Energy presents, Sunday 26 May Bunkhouse club show featuring Murder City Devils, Les Butcherettes, the Flytraps, Shame, Radkey, Deep Creep.

After 20 years, we’re finally ready to answer the age old question:

 What the hell does bowling and punk rock have to do with each other?

 Answer:  Other than a good time, absolutely NOTHING! And yet they work so well together!

 It all started many Bloody Mary mornings ago (1999) when brothers, Shawn and Mark Stern decided over a round at the local alley that they wanted to throw a bowling party for their friends in the punk rock community consisting of bands, labels and zines at the time. What started as a small party and an excuse to head to Las Vegas, morphed into what is now known as the rager of all ragers, Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival.

If you’re a Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival (PRB) virgin (greenhorn, amateur), here’s what you need to know:

 PRB in it’s entirety goes from Friday, May 24 – Monday, May 27, 2018 in Downtown Las Vegas

The Outdoor Music Festival (All Ages) runs Saturday, May 25 – Monday, 27 (3 Days) Full Festival Lineup here!

  • Late Night Club Shows (21+) go from Friday, May 24 – Monday, May 27 (4 Days). These tickets are sold separately.
  • Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament at the Golden Nugget with cash prizes! Friday, May 24
  • Amateur Bowling Tournament with loads of cash prizes happens before the festival Saturday, May 25, finals on Sunday
  • Pool Parties with bands & Dj’s- Saturday, May 25 through Monday, 27 (3 Days).
  • Plus:  Comedy and punk rock lounge acts, punk rock movie screenings, merch vendors, art show and more!

 Please visit our FAQ Page for more details and information.