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The Border - Race of Battle

2018-12-22 thru 2018-12-24


The Hell Race is known as a series of races that focus on endurance. These races include marathons and trail running. To make matters more interesting, these races venture through the unexplored areas of the Himalayan terrain. The Hell Race is open to both men and women, with all participants being witness to the breath-taking elements of nature. Whether you plan on embarking on a 100-mile trek or a 25-kilometer jaunt, you'll feel as if you beat mother nature at its own game after you cross the finish line.

About the Border

The Border earned its title due to the fact that the race route is obnoxiously close to what is the Indo-Pak border. This path passes through tiny villages, long stretches of road, open spaces, vast landscapes, and famous dunes.

The start of the race takes place in Jaisalmer, which is known as a world heritage site. It stands on sandstone and has been crowned by Jaisalmer Fort. In addition to this, Jaisalmer lies directly in the heart of the provocative Thar Desert. So, with a race of such proportions taking place in this spectacular town, even being a spectator would keep one on the edge of their seat for hours.