Dillon Perillo

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If there’s a more surf-stoked professional surfer than Dillon Perillo, we’ve yet to meet him. Whether its Zuma wind slop or reef pass perfection in the cuts of Indo, Dillon’s out there with bells on. No whining. No sense of entitlement. Dillon’s the humblest guy to ever emerge from Malibu, a place with as many prima donnas as Hollywood stars.


Not that he doesn’t dabble in the showbiz scene — he’s been a stunt surfer for 90210. But that small detail is low on a long list of reasons to love Dillon. Higher up on the list, just above the fact that his favorite surf partners are groms (because they’re the only ones who are as amped to surf as he is), is that he’s a complete surfing package. You see one of his roundhouses or downcarves and suddenly he’s your new favorite power surfer (sorry T. Knox), and then he finishes the wave with an air reverse, tuck kneed, with a lien grab and you’re excited because you can remove the “power” qualification, and now he’s just your new favorite surfer.


And the guy’s got grace . He ties his power and trick surfing together with a ribbon of butter — oh so smooth and easy on the eyes. Out of the water? More of the same. Once, when he was under-age, we saw a doe-eyed waitress ask him if he wanted a beer. He told her he wasn’t old enough. No matter, she brought him back a beer anyway. Served it with a side of flirt.


Buy Dillon now, so in a year when his stock price skyrockets, you can cash out, buy a house in Malibu and be his neighbor.

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