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Assets from behind the scenes shooting for World of X Games moto x dirt

Jackson Strongin MotoX Dirt

Nov 30-0001

Monster energy ylpeänä esittää Jackson Strongin TV-pilotin Moto X Dirt 2:sen. Seitsenkertainen X-games voittaja Strong kuvasi pätkän maailman parhaimpien kuskien kanssa New South Walessissä Australiassa. Tämä 45-minuuttinen eepos on pakko nähdä!


Mukana pätkällä peliä linkkuun laittavat Taka Higashino, Josh Sheehan, Ben Richards, Colby Raha, Clinton Moore, Jake Smith sekä Lewis Woods. Tarpeetonta siis sanoa, että mukana ovat todellakin FMX-taivaan kirkkaimmat tähdet.


Leffassa nähdään eeppisiä ramppeja, huikea outback-rata ja jopa 40 metrinen hyndä, jotka kaikki on kasattu yhteen lainiin. vedettäväksi.


"Olen aikaisemminkin hyppinyt isoja luonnollisiä hyndiä, mutta en ikinä tälläistä lainia peräkkäin, aika älytöntä. - Sanoi Colby Raha.


“I’ve hit big jumps and hills before, but to have this many in a row – a 120-footer and six of them – is pretty gnarly. I don’t think there’s anything like that,” said decorated FMX rider Colby Raha from California upon seeing the course.


Paina play ja nauti upeasta FMX-elämykestä!

After six days of intense building and shaping, the course was ready for the world’s best riders to come and take it to the next level in a free-flowing progression session. First impressions were daunting, but the handpicked squad of riders was ready to rise to the challenge.


“Until you actually go there and see the size of these things… the risk is on a whole ‘nother level,” said FMX underdog Jake Smith. “I have to be careful. I’m a little nervous, but I like to send it,” said Monster Energy’s Higashino, FMX pioneer and five-time X Games medalist.


And send it they did. With no judges or spectators, this was an event strictly by the riders for the riders – and the perfect scenario for pushing the limits.


“We just started doing flip tricks and felt pretty comfortable, so we did some big ones. That’s what happens when you’re riding with your mates, you just feed off each other,” said Sheehan, Monster Energy team rider and eight-time X Games medalist. “This was the best ever – the most fun I ever had,” said his Monster teammate Richards.


Despite the free-flowing format, the crew did hand out a few awards for groundbreaking achievements in an all-week jam format, including: Best on the Ground, Dirtiest Trick, Sketchiest Moment, Most Improved, Best Whip and Biggest Upright Combo.


But we’re not going to give away any spoilers… To find out what tricks went down and who walked away with an award, strap in, hit the play button and prepare for your mind to be blown. This is Jackson Strong’s Moto X Dirt Part 2 presented by Monster Energy.