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Action at the gaming event epicenter XL Dota 2

Team Liquid: Mestaruutta puolustamassa

Nov 30-0001

Eme ole vielä koskaan nähneet yhdenkään Dota 2 joukkueen vetävän mestarinviittaa päällensä kahta kertaa peräkkäin. Kilpailu tulee käymään kuumana läpi turnauksen ja Team Liquid on valmiina!

KuroKyn kurinalaisuus ja tehtävän suorittamis-% on meille kaikille tuttu. Kaikki tiimissä ovat valmistautuneet tiiviisti tätä turnausta varten ja parhaat aseet ovat esillä. Todellinen ennakkosuosikki Team Liquid lupaa taistella mestaruudesta viimeiseen asti ja lopulta viedä sen kotiin!


The International on se kaikkein suurin turnaus, jossa palkintopotti alkaa miljoonilla. Se onkin ainoa Dota 2 turnaus jota kukaan ei ole pystynyt voittamaan kahta kertaa. Me olemme valmiit kannustamaan Liquid mestaruuteen ja aina kaikkien aikoijen kiinnitys Dota 2 Hall of Fameen.


Viimeiset kahdeksan kuukautta kilpailemista ovat valmistaneet pelaajat tätä tilaisuutta varten: MATUMBAMAN, Miracl-, MinD_Control, GH & KuroKy ovat kiistatta maailman parhaat pelaajat, nyt heidän pitää näyttää olevansa myös paras tiimi!


Nyt kannattaa ottaa hyvä asento ja seurata The Internationalia eli maailman parasta Dota 2:sta!



The Breakdown

There are jokes about MATUMBAMAN only playing green heroes due to the amount of Necrophos, Venomancer, Viper, and Pugna he had been playing in the run up to their TI7 victory. Of course while it is true that we saw him playing those heroes regularly it is ignoring his Lycan, Broodmother, Lone Druid, Razor, and many other heroes that on any other team would warrant bans against him in the first phase of the draft. Matu’s willingness to play the role his team needs is quintessential for a carry, especially on a team where he shares the spotlight with Miracle-.


Miracle made a name for himself on OG, winning Major after Major but when the team crumbled at TI6 he looked to put his skills to use elsewhere. As fate would have it he decided to join Team Liquid, who had suffered a similar fate at TI6 and was looking to rebuild. While it did take time for the team to properly synergize with each other the results could not have been better. The wide array of heroes Miracle- can play, as well as his lane flexibility, brings out the full potential of Team Liquid’s lineup. The current meta in which mid players often match up against each other in a pure 1v1 with little outside interference is where Miracle- shines. Not only does he often come out ahead in the lane, he often forces rotations from the enemy team to help their mid which their side lanes can barely afford due to the strength of Liquid’s safe and offlane.


In the offlane Mind_ContRoL has become known for his high pressure initiators like Nature’s Prophet and Beastmaster. With GH at his side, he’s crushed an uncountable amount of safelane carries in situations where a lane may normally go even. Not only is he capable of dominating his lane, he’ll often make early rotations and pick off couriers, supports, and core heroes alike in one fell swoop. He also has a penchant for farming extremely well as far as offlaners go, often snowballing early and carrying the game on his back while Matu and Miracle- simply enjoy the ride.


The support duo of Kuro and GH is quickly rising to the levels of the legendary Fy and Fenrir combo in terms of how feared they are. While GH’s hero pool may be smaller than his companion’s he makes up for it by being second to none at nearly every last one of them. His Keeper of the Light and Io have been first ban material for nearly his entire tenure on Liquid. His Earthshaker and Earth Spirit have both been lane and game winning in crucial moments while his Naga Siren has been the set up his team has required to set their plans into motion. Like every member of Team Liquid, GH plays an irreplaceable role in their success and his movements around the map, with Kuro or alone, are always perfect.


This finally brings us to Kuroky. The leadership from Kuro along with his deep hero pool and seemingly endless strategies may be what he is best known for but it would be a mistake to think that is all he is to his team. While it would be easy to put Kuro in that box, he has many qualities from all walks of competitive Dota 2. He’s played carry in the past, can micro as well as anybody, and he can play greedy or selfless depending on what is called for. The effort he has put in to honing his abilities has come from thousands upon thousands of hours playing and thinking about Dota 2. While he leads his team, he can also follow their calls, or take their suggestions into consideration during the draft. His experience has taught him that accepting the valuable input from his teammates makes them stronger as a whole and we have seen the results from that ourselves. All that is left now is to once again make history.