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Images from World Skate Street Championship in Rome. Italy

Skateboarding Athlete

Jhancarlos Gonzalez

Colombia Colombia


Colombia's Jhancarlos Gonzalez grew up skating in Medellín and Bogota. With no access to skateparks, he perfected his skills on the streets—dodging unpredictable pedestrians and shimmying past security guards just like skaters in the rest of the world. But what makes Gonzalez unique is that he's been able to adapt his raw style and dominate in contests, even without a controlled training environment in which to practice. With podium placements in events like Vans Park Series, CPH Open's Berlin Am Finals, Boardr Am Series, and the Empire Open, his hard work has paid off big time: Gonzalez is among the first team of Colombian skaters to represent his country in the Olympics. Ever.