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Tampa Am 11/21/21 skate contest in Tampa, Florida.

Skateboarding Athlete

Daiki Ikeda

Japan Japan


The next generation is here! Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Daiki Ikeda is part of a new wave of riders ready to push street skating to the next level. Humble and soft-spoken, Daiki tends to let his skating do the talking – and it’s been making a loud statement for years now! Like when Daiki first came to the U.S. and instantly won gold in the Junior Street Division at X Games Minneapolis 2019 when he was only 13. Not to forget crushing it in the streets and taking his technical arsenal to rails and gaps well above his weight class. Thrasher Magazine even took notice and invited him on their exclusive AM Scramble trip. It’s no wonder that the most premium skateboard brands have signed the rookie at a young age. Plus, he’s got the official thumbs up from Skater of the Year (SOTY) and Monster Energy rider Ishod Wair. On that note, Daiki already rose through the ranks of the Monster Army amateur program in no time. Now that he’s a full-fledged Monster Energy rider, Daiki is ready to keep sending a loud message with his skating. Stay tuned!