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Images of New Skate athlete Kieran Woolley at Linda Vista Skatepark

Skateboarding Athlete

Kieran Woolley

Australia Australia


Make way for a true all-terrain vehicle (ATV)! Hailing from Minnamurra, Australia, Kieran Woolley is one of those rare skateboarders who can ride it all. Attacking anything in his way with speed and style, he’s just as comfortable spinning a 540 in a bowl as popping a switch crook on a handrail. Backyard ramps, DIY spots, concrete parks, and the occasional tree – it’s all the same for Kieran and his vast bag of tricks. On any terrain, he has an eye for burly transfers that few riders will see and even fewer will try. The roots of his versatile style come from surfing, and he only focused fully on skateboarding after his dad broke his neck in the water when Kieran was 11. Inspired by iconic ATVs like Grant Taylor and Cardiel, Kieran soon evolved into an all-terrain killer and won his first contests as a young teen. 

Fast-forward to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where he became mainstream famous by taking out a cameraman during his run, shrugged it off, and gave the poor guy a fist bump. Kieran’s jaw-dropping video parts and a constant presence at key skate competitions have made him one of the most talked-about young riders in the game. In 2022, the readers of Australian Slam Magazine voted him New Gen of the Year in the Skater of the Year Awards. When he’s not slaying parks and spots in his native Queensland, Australia, he’s on a never-ending world tour of annihilation. Watch out for Kieran destroying a spot near you!