Tai Woffinden

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Now you have to be seriously tough to earn your living riding a 500cc motorbike with no brakes or gears, but Tai Woffinden takes that to a whole new level.

The British champion won his world title in 2013 despite having to race with a broken collarbone for some of the season – breaking it not once but twice.

After one round in Stockholm he was in tears the pain was so unbearable, but he gritted his teeth and held on to become Britain’s first world champion since 2000 and that sent his profile through the roof.

Easily recognised by his huge collection of tattoos and piercings Tai is a complete adrenaline junkie, taking on pretty much any Motorsport he can as well as being a keen snowboarder and jet-skier in his spare time – that’s if he’s not in the tattoo chair.

In 2014 he finished in 4th place in the SGP Series but he’s determined to win back his title in ’15 and won’t rest until he’s etched his name into the history books alongside some of the sport’s greatest.
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