Sydney G

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
In 2015 I would like to visit - LA with my fellow Monster Girl Abi B
The place I visited last year for the first time and would like to go back is  - Qatar it was amazing
I would love to try - Jet ski-ing in the Maldives
My main goal for 2015 is  -Fill my home with chow puppies, so far I have two... its a start.
My favourite event in 2014 was -Cataluna Moto GP, I loved being in the sun working and in the Monster Girl pool!
I love working with the most is Abi as she`s as dopey as me!!!!
I keep fit and in shape by -Eating chocolate on the sofa reaching for my cup of tea....
If I am at the beach I wear my favourite bikini which is -Victoria secrets skimpy bikini to show off my best assets : )
My favourite thing to relax is  -Lay on my sofa with my two chows
To have fun and let me hair down I love too - drink wine with all my monster girls


2014 Bucket list
-  run the Florida marathon
Nationality  -British
Favourite food - Mc Donald`s Cheese burger literally heaven to me!
Favourite Monster Girl you like to work with and why? Lauren Ashleigh, her one liners make me die.
Funniest monster moment  - Sophia driving abroad for the first time crash helmet needed!
What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life? went on the fastest roller-coaster in the world
What achievement are you most proud of ? Making it to the age of 20 with no broken bones.
Hidden talents - riding a bike with one hand.
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