MC Kemon


Monster Energy´s Kemon Thomas Wesley aka MC Kemon aka MC K was born in the 23rd of novermber in 1984 at Grenada, St Andres.

He met soca and dancehall genes which suddenly became apart of his life and his lifestyle.

He moved to Hungary when he was 13. because of he was an excelent football player.

In 2002 he became ones of the member of the Love Alliance and Gimmeshot.

Since 2005 he is part of Hungary´s biggest reggie band the Monster Energy´s Irie Maffia. He was all time guest at Love Alliance. He became a main thing in the reggie, dancehall, riddim world as a DJ, a rapper.

He was part of Sena´s First One album.

Nowdays he is an all time MC Guest in Hungary´s most popular club. Sometimes he can be heard on Tilos Radio with his sick setts.

But the main thing is he is Hungary´s Monster Ambassador Team´s MAT TV show´s guest.

Big up yourself, respekt!

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