Hungarian folk music mixed with modern metal? The answer is: SUBSCRIBE!


Their music is a rich variegation of all kinds of music styles. All sorts trickle from this musical palette; hardcore is prevailing but the influences of folk, jazz, reggae, metal and funk are multitude.


SUBSCRIBE was founded in 1999. Founder members were: Máté Tilk [vocals], Attila Horváth [guitar], Tamás Reich [guitar], Miklós Anga-Kis [bass] and Attila Rékasi [drums]. The band is called SUBSCRIBE since Bálint Csongor [vocals] joined the band in 2000.


They played on the main stages of almost all major festivals in Hungary (Sziget, Volt, Wanted, Efott, Balatone, Azfeszt, Sportsziget etc.). After a vast number of shows and festivals in 2004 the first record was finished and released that year (2004 December, EDGE records). The album “SANITY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING” consists of 12 high quality songs.


The first preview show for the album resulted in a full-house party in Budapest's most popular alternative club: Kultiplex. The band is the biggest and most respected (both by the fans and the critics) “underground” Hungarian band, with the biggest audiences in their style.


To show their respect the band members formed a Rage Against The Machine tribute band called Guilty Parties, which also draws large crowds to their shows, as it is above the high standards and measures.



The band’s singer also hosts a rock/metal TV-show, where he interviews the biggest bands in the international metal scene.


SUBSCRIBE's main aim is the recognition on the European and International music scene. In summer 2005 they made a European club tour with PRO-PAIN (USA). Their first album has been released in the Benelux countries and Germany.


In 2006 they made 2 Romanian tours and also had gigs with DEFTONES, MESHUGGAH, KATATONIA, NIGHTWISH, PAIN, BEATSTAKES and CLAWFINGER throughout Europe.


In April 2007 they started recording their new full length album, "STUCK PROGRESS TO MOON", it came out in November 2007 in dual-disc format (album + a full length concert DVD). With this album in January 2008 they won the “Fonogram” award (the biggest Hungarian music award) and it became “MODERN ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR IN 2007”! Also they won the award for the best studio job (best sound) at the Hungarian Metal Awards. Their last video for “The weight of oneness” became one of the most frequently broadcasted videos on Hungarian MTV and was at first place on MTV Rock Chart in March. 


In February 2009 they celebrated their 10th birthday at one of Budapest’s biggest concert venues: Petőfi Csarnok. The gig was sold out. Zoltán Cséri joined the six-piece band on keyboards and after a few successful shows he became a member.


At Hegyalja festival’s Metal Hammer stage SUBSCRIBE opened for MACHINE HEAD driving 30.000 people crazy, at Azfeszt they played with SKINDRED. At Sziget festival, they headlined the main stage on the “Rock Against Racism Day” organized by the British Council. The singer Bálint joined the “RAR BAND” to perform a song in front of 40.000 people with huge success.


At the end of the year 2009 they released a 3 track EP + 10th anniversary concert and home-video DVD as Christmas present for the fans.


2010 again begins with an own tour through whole Hungary, where they only visit places with adequate sound and size. The two usual Budapest gigs (A38 and Gödör) are already sold out. These guys love playing live, always with a smile on their faces and always going mad on stage. They are already rock stars in Hungary, now is the time to become well-known and appreciated throughout the whole world! SUBSCRIBE must be heard!

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