Shell Beach

"Instinct are irrational, and we must follow where they live" - emerging with similar motives, Shell Beach was founded by long-time friends in 2006. The line, taken from the band-name-inspiring movie "Dark City", coincidentally describes the circumstances around the formation of the band perfectly. With the members each having paid their dues in well-known and popular acts of the Budapest underground scene, the need to create a band that represents something new and fresh arose mutually. The post hardcore/alternative outfit grew fast the following years and focused on creating music they always had dreamed of writing.
Ranging from the intense, hardcore-inspired waves of chaos, to the quiet, ambient, dreamlike passages, the music played by Shell Beach represents our daily struggles in life and our pursuit to find happiness. The first full-lenght record, titled "Acronycal" showed that the band takes pride in their musican influences by acknowledgeing their many inspirations like Glassjaw, the Deftones, Refused or He Is Legend to name just a few. Four years later, in 2012, the band is ready to drop their much-anticipated sophomore effort, titled "This Is Desolation". The style, songwriting skills and impact have evolved even more as evidenced by the forerunner single "The Greatest Skeptic".
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