The Southern Oracle

The Southern Oracle is a group of inviduals with a mission. Switching into high gear within the first couple years of their formation, the band solidfied a base in their home country and immediate surroundings like a few ithers could. Their energetic live shows, relentless touring and stop-at-nothing attitude made them an instant factor in the Hungarian underground scenes to be dealt with. They woke hell with a critically acclaimed debut full-length, that brought rave reviews from all over Europe as they continued to do what they do best: bringing heartfelt and never compromising art both through their musical and visual ventures.

Though many hardships and personal challenges have paved their way, with only three core members and two amazing additions their best lineup ever is now back to bring listeners to the depths of hell and to lift them up. To question the hateful and negative world around them, to play their hearts uot and to go back to the human nature`s primal, basic instinct to destroy the patterns society forces people into and to seek light in a dead, dark world.

Kövesd őt The Southern Oracle
  • Összes Post
  • Hírek
  • Galériák
  • Zene
  • Videók
Globál Hírek ON
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