Grace B


New for 2015….

In 2015 I would like to visit
Any city I have yet to visit! It would be very interesting to me to keep traveling.
The place I visited last year for the first time and would like to go back is
Ahhh, Malaysia, I’d love it, the people are wonderful, the warm weather, the beaches, ahaha, amazing

I would love to try
Surf, I really love water’s sports. I love the sea, sun and sand, I’m such a mermaid, ahahaha.

My main goal for 2015 is
Travel and try find out new places and people. And of course enjoy every event that I do with Monster

My favourite event in 2014 was
obviously Motocross Thailand, I love this place!.
I love working with the most because
With the “little rat” Ivette, She’s punctual and she’s always smiling.

I keep fit and in shape by
I’m a very enthusiastic about the gym, I really like to be fit and healthy.... my favourite treat though is Popcorn!

If I am at the beach I wear my favourite bikini which is
A very little thong, I really like to get tan in all my body and the thong is white, ahahaha.

My favourite thing to relax is
The Gym, is my place!!!!

To have fun and let me hair down I love too
Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to feel the music!!!!


2014 Bucket List
– White water rafting
Nationality - Venezolana
What do they love about being a Monster Energy Girl? -  My Team are my best friends
Favorite food -  I love the pizza and pasta, and my favorite dessert is chocolate ice cream and coffee..... mmmmmmm
Favorite MX rider - Paulin Gautier
Favorite Speedway rider - Greg Hancock
Funniest Monster moment  - Having a mans underpants thrown at me on stage during the live show!
Hidden talents - Dancing – we venezolanian girls have the hips for dancing!
Best Feature -    My Smile!

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