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Kimbosessions media event in kläppen, sweden.

Kimbosessions 2017

May 162017

4 years ago, Kim Boberg decided to create an event that would take some of the best skiers in his home resort, shape a unique & creative park and gather awesome video & photo content. In a similar vein to B&E invitational, Creation Nation or West Coast Sessions « Bring a bunch of hot riders doing hot things on creative & unique features under sunset light and golden hour shoots is money »

4 years after, top riders come (Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, Torin Yater-Wallace, Alex Ferreira, LSM, Antti Ollila;..) and its looking like the content get better and bigger! Riders will come back without any doubts! What makes it also unique is the late light sessions, sun goes down at 9.30 pm and allow all of them to shred as much as they wanted. This format allows all the riders to make the most of the park and film bangers, great vibe at the end of the season….

the best way to end a season.