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Sebbe De Buck at "Ring the Bell" Spring Session in Stubai.


Apr 252017

‘Ring the Bell’ hosted by Monster’s very own Sebbe de Buck changes the Spring Shred landscape, with a whole heap of creativity at the Stubia Zoo Park. Between Sebbe and the all-time park shaping heroes the Schneestern crew, the ideas evolved to include a new multi-feature set-up including a massive booter with a crooked jump angled into a side landing, a roller plus hip jump and last but not least a double hip feature.

“It was the first time that we did the ‘Ring the Bell’ Event here in Stubai. Schneestern managed to build the feature in two days working during a blizzard. It came together pretty well! So we had two days of sun where everybody got some clips, shots, cash and stuff for tricks. Just having a perfect time over here.”- Sebbe was stoked on the outcome of the event.

Simon Gruber was also on hand to enjoy the Tyrolean hot laps: “It was just sick to see what Schneestern was able to build in only two days. Big props to them,” praised Simon.

Ethan Morgan was also on site in Stubai, hitting the jumps with perfect style: “My highlight of the weekend was the double hip feature. Great work of Schneestern and Stubai to build such an awesome set up. It is always great to see something new. This should be done more often.” Ethan was enjoying the session a lot showing for example a crippler at the transition between both quarters of the double hip feature. “I used to ride pipe back in the days when I was part of the national team. This helped me to stomp tricks at the set up. I had a lot of fun!”

Watch now the highlight edit of Stubai Spring Sessions "Ring The Bell":


Mastermind Sebbe de Buck already has got some plans in place for next year’s set-up: “It was a great start with three features in a row. For next year, I would love to involve more trannies making the setup bigger.”


We’ll be there!