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Apr 152018

The Audi Nines delivered an unbelievable spectacle all week long in sunny Sölden, Austria. With a real mix of riders from different sports and an insane course that brought together speed, technicality and huge airs, this year really was the culmination of 10 years of dreaming.
“It’s been an incredible week, riding with my friends, dialling some tricks I haven’t done all season, and getting to ride the most insane set-up ever built!!”Luca Schuler

The World’s Best athletes from Ski and Snowboard Freestyle and Slope X, spent the week building up their sickest tricks throughout the wild course, that offered a really unique take on an event. Incorporating the Slope X features into the course this year allowed the world’s best to showcase some flow and flare through the top part of the course, and then unleash their biggest tricks on the lower part of the course over the Big Air jump and the huge Quarter Pipe.

“I’ve been really involved with building the course from the beginning with Nico, but to see it in person and ride it was incredible- definitely one of the most ground-breaking events out there!”

After a week spent filming and being photographed by some of the most creative photographers in the world, the riders put on an incredible show for the couple of thousand spectators that showed up to watch them on the Public Contest Day.

In the Freeski Men’s Big Air- James Woods put on an incredible display of his best tricks and won 2nd place with a Triple Cork 1440 Safety and Switch Triple Cork 1440 Octo, just behind Andri Regletti’s 1st place finish. In the Snowboard Big Air, Simon Gruber also pulled out some of the steeziest tricks of the day with a Frontside 1080 Indy and Backside 1080 Mute to bring up the podium in 3rd.


“So stoked with my podium today and just had such a fun week, cruising with my homies and hitting this course. Can’t wait to see what they build next year”- James Woods

Stay tuned for more content dropping in the coming weeks from the event and get a recap on the Facebook live brought to you by Monster Energy!




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