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Shots of Maud Le Car surfing in the Caribbean


May 102018

6 months have passed since hurricane Irma destroyed the North islands in the Caribbean. The damages on my native island of Saint Martin are so heavy that it's only slowly step by step that we keep moving forward.

Being far away and feeling helpless to not be able to help my island, I decided to create an association to raise money to help rebuild the surf clubs of Saint Martin where I begin surfing, because it seems to me essential for the balance of the young generation and my passion to help them to continue surfing and smiling.


A huge thank you to Monster Energy for supporting this cause and helping the recovery of the surf clubs of Saint Martin with new surfboards. We decided to make this little video when I came back home on my island for the first time after the hurricane in honour of the inspiring fearless citizens of Saint Martin’s, who stayed and stood up strong through all the hard times and shown pride, despite the damage to the unconditional beauty of the island.


With extraordinary courage and hard work, the locals lead the fight to get back our little paradise with the hope and faith to rebuild everything to make it an even better place.


- Words By Maud Le Car


You can help the rebuilding Saint Martin’s surf club by donating HERE!


Also read an article on Mauds blog for the association and how to help.