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Buy any 350 ml can of Monster Energy, and enter your details and proof of purchase from 15th July, 2022 to 15th September, 2022 for a chance to WIN A UFC EXPERIENCE TO ABU DHABI


submit entries from July 15 2022 to September 15 2022

promotion rules


1. Jude Thomas, Mumbai | 2. Rajdip Das, Kolkata | 3. Gurkirat Kaur, Ludhiana |

4. Vivek Suvarna, Bangalore | 5. Siddharth Fernandes, Mumbai | 6. Narendar Reddy,

Hyderabad | 7. Deepak Sharma, Ahmedabad | 8. Shubham Bhardwaj, Karampura |

9. Roydon Pinto, Mumbai | 10. Naveen Garikina, Visakhapatnam



1. Kamal Bhati, Hyderabad | 2. Amit Pajvani, Mumbai | 3. Sankar Sah, Siliguri |

4. Vinod Gupta, Delhi | 5. Amey Patil, Mumbai | 6. Dharmesh Zarani, Ahmedabad |

7. Aman Singh, Kolkata | 8. Birbal Kumar, Bangalore | 9. Devarshi Saharia, Guwahati | 

10. Prathamesh K, Bangalore | 11. Anshu Sharma, Delhi | 12. Gurdev Menka, Jalandhar | 

13.  Akshay Maurya, Lucknow | 14. Ankur Mitra, Kolkata |

15. Gadiraju Suresh Verma, Vijaywada | 16. Nandan Solanki, Ahmedabad | 

17. Anil Kumar, Bangalore | 18. Atinderpal Singh, Ludhiana | 19. Lucky Malhotra, Ludhiana | 

20. Udaya Parida, Angul | 21. Abhishek Kumar, Bangalore | 22. Patel Rahul, Surat | 

23. Kamlesh Sahni, Ludhiana | 24. Raj Bhingarde, Mumbai | 25. Abhijit Deb, Bangalore | 

26. Raghav Sharma, Amritsar | 27. Das Gurudev Bajaj, Ghaziabad |

28. Dulumoni Kalita, Guwahati | 29. Indranil Debnath, Kolkata |

30. Subhendu Mohapatra, Bhubaneshwar | 31. Mohammed Vasim Gori, Ahmedabad | 

32. Ankith Mali, Wargal | 33. Lokesh NM, Bangalore | 34. Kamal Bansal, Moga |

35. Vishal Rathod, Ahmedabad | 36. Vaddi Manideep, Visakhapatnam | 37. Stopdon 

Ribeiro, Mumbai | 38. Satyajit Sisir Bora, Golaghat | 39. Bharti Sharma, Delhi | 

40. Akbar Hussaini, Mumbai | 41. Shyamada Bhunya, Siliguri | 42. Mirza Baig, Kendrapara | 

43. Sonali Kapoor, Amritsar | 44. Rasul Shaikh, Mumbai | 45. Mukesh Giri, Deoghar |

46. Noor ul Islam, Mysore | 47. Khushwinder Singh, Ludhiana | 48. Prakhar Maheshwari,

Indore | 49. Allay Sayyed, Mumbai


Monster Energy® India Win A UFC Experience at Abu Dhabi Terms and Conditions

“Promoter”- Technology Mindz (A Unit of Prachit Technology Services Private Limited)

Plot no. 51, Shanti Nagar, Gopalpura Bye Pass Road, Jaipur- 302018 (Raj)


Entry Period – 15th  July 2022- 15TH September 2022.

The Entry Period may be further amended and revised by the “Promoter” in its sole discretion by amendment to the Official Rules published on its website on, which may or may not be reflected anywhere else. Therefore, in order to ensure that you are complying with the latest Official Rules, please refer to the updated and current Official Rules published on Monster Energy’s website ( from time to time; the “Promoter” owes no obligation to advertise any amendment to the Official Rules by any other means.

Who can enter? - Entry is only open to Indian residents who are aged 18 years or over, excluding:

(a) management, employees, directors and contractors of the “Promoter” or its related bodies corporate, the participating Stores and other agencies, firms or companies associated with the competition (including suppliers of prizes);

(b) a spouse, de-facto spouse, parent, guardian, child or sibling of a person referred to in paragraph above

(c) persons who have won a prize or prizes valued either individually or collectively at more than INR 5,000 (including GST) in any competition or promotion run by or on behalf of the “Promoter”, within the 12 months immediately prior to the commencement of the Competition Period;

(d) persons who have used or attempted to use any more than one name in order to qualify to win a competition or promotion run by or on behalf of the “Promoter” (except in the case of a legal change of name); and

(e) persons who have breached the terms and conditions of any competition or promotion run by or on behalf of the ”Promoter”.

The persons referred to in paragraph (b) above include natural and non-natural relations (in the opinion of the “Promoter”) and the Promoter is responsible for determining whether a person is an eligible entrant in its absolute discretion.

To Enter:

  • Purchase any Monster Energy 350 ml can, during the Entry Period.
  • Complete the official online entry form during a day of the Entry Period, and you will be entered in that day’s lucky draw. This can be done through any of the following 2 methods:
  1. Text Method. Text ‘UFC’ to 783599199 The person will receive a link to the competition URL ( Visit the URL and enter your details and complete the official online entry form.
  2. QR Code. Scan the QR Code on the POSM. The person will receive a link to the competition URL ( Visit the URL and enter your details and complete the official online entry form.
  3. Proof of purchase (Receipt) or image of participant holding a 350ml Monster Energy can is mandatory

How many winners will there be and how will they be chosen? - There will be 10 X Grand prize winners and 60 x Everyday Prize winners determined in respect of this competition. The Grand prize winners will be drawn at the end of 60 days promotion period and will be updated on Monster Energy’s website (

Everyday Prize 60 x 1 winner a day will be drawn at the end of every week and will be updated on the Monster Energy’s website (

The valid entry drawn from the entries received of the Competition Period will win the “Prize” as mentioned below.

The “Promoter” may choose additional reserve entries and record them in order, in case a winning entry/entrant is deemed invalid or a prize is unclaimed (Reserve Entrants).

All judging decisions are as determined by the “Promoter”, in their absolute discretion.

Grand Prize: 10 x lucky winners get a chance to “Win a UFC Experience at Abu Dhabi” (18+ only). 10 winners will be selected post the promotion period of 60 days (in accordance with the Official Rules) of the Entry Period. This will be an all-expense paid trip that includes the following.

  1. Visa processing fee
  2. Airfare to and from Abu Dhabi
  3. UFC Match experience
  4. Accommodation- 2 nights & 3 days
  5. Local Transportation- Pickup from airport – Hotel- Hotel to event venue and back- Drop back to airport
  6. All meals & beverages (Non-alcoholic)
  7. Covid19 tests (If applicable)

The Grand prize should have a valid passport* and Should be double vaccinated to comply with international guidelines.

 No payments, in cash or kind, shall be made to any winner in addition to or in lieu of the prize.

Date of the grand prize will be fulfilled in accordance to the UFC 22-2023 Calendar will be subject to international travel restriction and other Covid restrictions. Exact date of Hand-over would be on 22nd October 2022 in accordance with the UFC Abu Dhabi calendar.

The value of the Grand prize would be a maximum of ₹120,000 (One Lakh Eighty Thousand Only) per Winner

The value of the Everyday prize would be a maximum of ₹1,000 (One Thousand Only) per Winner

  • Everyday Prize: 60 x lucky Winners (1 x Monster Energy T-shirt) will be drawn each Monday of the Entry Period for each day of the Entry Period of the week prior (e.g., Eligible Entries made on Friday 9th July will be drawn on 25th July, Eligible Entries made on Monday 25th July will be drawn on Monday 1st  August and so forth. The final week will have remaining daily winners + Grand & Everyday prizes to be drawn on 19th September 2022). The odds of winning depend on the total number of Eligible Entries received for each day within the Entry Period. There will be 10 Grand Prize winners and 60 Everyday Prize winners drawn as per the draw dates below, with a separate 9 draw dates consisting of Eligible Entries received for each day of the week prior for the Daily Prize. Non-winning Eligible Entries shall not carry over to any later prize draw: The dates for announcing the winners are:
  • Monday, 25th July 2022 – 10 x Daily winner drawn (Monster Energy T-shirt)
  • Monday, 1st August 2022 – 7 x Daily winner drawn (Monster Energy T-shirt)
  • Monday, 8th August 2022 – 7 x Daily winner drawn (Monster Energy T-shirt)
  • Monday, 15th August 2022 – 7 x Daily winner drawn (Monster Energy T-shirt)
  • Monday, 22nd August 2022 – 7 x Daily winner drawn (Monster Energy T-shirt)
  • Monday, 29th August 2022 – 7 x Daily winner drawn (Monster Energy T-shirt)
  • Monday, 5th September 2022 – 7 x Daily winner drawn (Monster Energy T-shirt)
  • Monday, 12th September 2022 – 7 x Daily winner drawn (Monster Energy T-shirt)
  • Monday, 19th September 2022 –   1 x Daily winner drawn (Monster Energy T-shirt)
  • Monday, 19th September 2022 –10 x Grand prize winner drawn (10 UFC Experience)

Limits on Entries: Limit of 1 entry per person per day during the Entry Period.

Limit of Prizes Per Person: A person cannot win more than one Prize. If an eligible entrant is selected as a winner, such entrant will not be eligible to win any other draw(s) in the Promotion.

Total prize pool - The total prize pool is Rs.12,60,000 (Rs Twelve Lakhs Sixty Thousand Only)

How and when will the winner/s be informed? - The daily prize winners will be updated on the website on a weekly basis and the Grand prize winners will be announced by 19th September. The winners will be notified via Email and via calls.

Unclaimed prize/s Prize claim date – 11.59pm (IST) by on 30th September 2022

If a prize has not been accepted or claimed by the prize claim date above or if, after making all reasonable attempts, the Promoter can't contact a winner (or a winner does not contact the Promoter) by the prize claim date above, the relevant entry/ies will be discarded and the “Promoter” will carry out an unclaimed prize determination at the date, time and place stated via Email.

Collection and use of your personal information - If you are a winner, you must take part in all publicity, photography and other promotional activity as the Promoter requires, without any compensation. You consent to the Promoter using your name and image in any promotional or advertising activity.

The “Promoter” may collect your personal information directly or through its agents or contractors. The “Promoter” will use your personal information to conduct the competition. The Promoter may disclose your personal information to its related companies, agents and contractors to assist in conducting this competition, communicating with you or storing data. This may include disclosures to organisations outside India. By entering, you consent to the Promoter keeping your personal information on its database to use for future marketing purposes, including contacting you by electronic messaging. By entering, you consent to receive email or SMS messages from the Promoter without any functional unsubscribe facility. The Privacy Policy governing the collection and use of your personal information (see includes information about:

(a) how to seek access to the personal information the “Promoter” holds about you and seek correction of the information; and

(b) how to complain about a privacy breach and how the “Promoter” will deal with such a complaint


Terms and Conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions incorporate and must be read together with the details outlined above. Information about prizes and how to enter forms part of these Terms and Conditions. By entering, you accept these Terms and Conditions.


2. Your entry must be received during the Competition Period and will be deemed to be received only when received by the Promoter. The Promoter is not liable for any problems with communications networks. If you enter using automatically generated entries or multiple phone numbers/email addresses/addresses/aliases, you may be disqualified.

3. The “Promoter” may copy and amend your entry and may use (or allow others to use) your entry and any rights in relation to your entry, to publicise this competition or for any other purpose. These rights are perpetual, royalty free, world-wide, irrevocable, and transferable. For example, the Promoter may publish all or any part of your entry or any amended version of it. The Promoter may also decide not to publish an entry, to cease publication of an entry, or to publish an edited entry.

4. You warrant that your entry does not breach any third-party rights (for example, intellectual property rights) and its use by the Promoter or any other person will not breach such rights nor otherwise breach any law (for example, it is not defamatory, in contempt of court or in breach of any privacy law). Your entry must not be obscene, offensive, malicious, discriminatory, indecent or (in the Promoter's opinion) otherwise objectionable or inappropriate (for example, it must not include nudity or language the Promoter deems offensive).


5. Prize/s and all elements of prize/s must be taken as and when offered or will be forfeited, and if forfeited, the “Promoter” will not be liable. Prize/s are subject to any additional terms and conditions imposed by the relevant supplier or the Promoter.

6. The “Promoter” is not responsible for any dispute between you and any person with whom you choose to, or choose not to, share the prize.

7. This promotion entails the price of the UFC Tickets + Travel fare + Accommodation (Grand prize) only.



8. If you or your entry are deemed by the “Promoter” to breach these Terms and Conditions, your entry (or at the Promoter's discretion, all of your entries) may be discarded. The Promoter may, at any time, require you to produce documentation to establish to the Promoter's satisfaction the validity of your entries (including documentation establishing your identity, age, place of residence and place of employment). Failure by the “Promoter” to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not waive those rights.

9. You must not:
 (a) tamper with the entry process;
 (b) engage in any conduct that may jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the competition.

 (c) act in a disruptive, annoying, threatening, abusive or harassing manner.

 (d) do anything that may diminish the good name or reputation of the Promoter or any of its related entities or of the agencies or companies associated with this competition.

 (e) breach any law; or behave in a way that is otherwise inappropriate

10. The “Promoter” is not liable for entries, prize claims or correspondence that are misplaced, misdirected, delayed, lost, incomplete, illegible, or incorrectly submitted including failure of any third parties to forward entry forms for inclusion in the draw, where relevant.

11. The “Promoter’s” decision in connection with all aspects of this competition is final.

12. Prizes cannot be transferred or exchanged nor (except where cash is specified) redeemed for cash. Without limiting any other term of these Terms and Conditions, all prizes (and elements of prizes) must be taken as and when specified or will be forfeited with no replacement. The prize values are correct as at the date of preparing these Terms and Conditions. The Promoter is not responsible for any change in prize value. You agree that if a prize (or element of a prize) is unavailable for any reason the Promoter may provide another item of equal or higher value.

12. If this competition cannot run as planned for any reason beyond the “Promoters” control, for example due to software, hardware or communications issues, unauthorised intervention, tampering, fraud or technical failure, the Promoter may end, change, suspend or cancel the competition or disqualify affected entries/entrants.



13. Monster Energy India PVT LTD. is not the promoter of the “WIN A UFC EXPERIENCE AT ABU DHABI WITH MONSTER ENERGY ” The Monster Energy brand names, logos and/or materials are used for the purposes of promotion and/or prize descriptions only and such use is not intended to suggest or imply Monster Energy India PVT LTD. sponsorship of this “WIN A UFC EXPERIENCE AT ABU DHABI WITH MONSTER ENERGY ”

14. Subject to the previous paragraph, the Promoter and the agencies and companies associated with this competition are not liable (including in negligence) for any loss (including indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense, damage, personal injury (including allergies, skin conditions or other reactions, as relevant), illness or death suffered in connection with this competition or any prize, except for any liability which under statute cannot be excluded (in which case that liability is limited to the greatest extent allowed by law).

15. Without limiting the previous paragraph, the Promoter and the agencies and companies associated with this competition are not liable for any loss of, damage to or delay in delivery of prize/s, or for any damage that occurs to displayed prize/s (where relevant). Unless otherwise specified, prize/s will only be delivered to addresses in India.

16. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with any social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You provide your information to the Promoter and not to any social media platform. You completely release any relevant social media platforms from any and all liability.