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2016 Skate Training Facility

Experimental Session at the T.F.

Jun 082016

Skateboarding in some forms is definitely a sport. Big Contests like the X Games, and Street League have insured that some basic principals of sport are used to judge a very individualized set of Skate skills. In order to be one of the top Competitive Skaters or just the best Skater you can be, you¹ve got to put in the hours. Training Facilities are pretty commonplace in the Skate World right now and years ago Monster Energy Skater Danny Way influenced and co-designed one of the most ground breaking Vert Ramps in Skate History. ‘The DC Ramp’. Competitions, Training, Sports. All of those things are great but at the end of a good session what you really remember is how many of your buddies were there and what tricks went down. Monster Energy¹s PLG, Tom Schaar, Trey Wood, Lizzie Armanto, Jake Brown and Ben Hatchell met up recently at the Monster/DC Ramp to roll around. Witness their experimental session!