Tiny Lister

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At 6’-5” and 300 pounds the newest addition to the Monster Army goes by the nickname “Tiny.” Heck, who’s gonna argue? While most of you know him as the neighborhood bully Deebo in the “Friday” movie series, Lister’s a former pro-wrestler-(our older Monster Army members will remember him as “Zeus” in 1989 WWF Summer Slam event)-turned actor that, quite literally, is a Monster of a man - and now the bookend to Jason “Wee Man” Acuna on Monster Energy’s athlete/celebrity roster if you will! During his 20-plus years since taking on Hulk Hogan, Lister has appeared in more than 90 feature films, working with a vast array of actors - from Adam Sandler and Johnny Depp to Marlon Brando and Samuel L. Jackson. He’s also rapped with Tupac! (Now hang on a sec while we bend over and pick up those names we just dropped – ha-ha). Born & bred on the tough streets of Compton, Lister hid out from the violence, instead taking to classic movies as a means of escape. During that time he also focused on track &field where he excelled at Cal State University, Los Angeles, and – most notably - won the 1982 NCAA Division II National Shot Put Championship. Lately Lister’s acting in his most important role to date, reaching out to troubled youth and sharing his powerful testimony and inspiration in churches and schools across the United States.

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