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Back in 2005 Team Japspeed first formed thanks to petrol head (and extreme sports fanatic) Paul McCallum who, having witnessed the speed, skill and smoke involved with drifting decided to setup and build his own Nissan Skyline drift car. Seven years later Team Japspeed now features four highly-tuned competition cars with over 2200bhp between ‘em, including three turbocharged Nissan S15s and a RWD-converted Subaru Impreza running a Toyota Supra engine!

Team Japspeed comprises of drivers Paul Smith, Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni, Shane O’Sullivan and Boyzone’s Shane Lynch. Between them the team have won multiple events including the Team Drift battle in 2011 alongside the overall constructor’s championship within the British Drift Championship.

Reaching speeds of over 100mph sideways and twin drifting just inches apart from one another, Team Japspeed are one of the fiercest teams competing in the BDC. ‘We’ve drifted at just about every track and course in the UK including the NEC Arena for Top Gear Live!’ and Autosport International explains Japspeed boss Paul McCallum. ‘These cars are brutally quick; Shane’s V8 twin-turbo S15 is producing over 700bhp – more than double the power of a WRC car – and it’s a spectacle to watch him control such a crazy car.’

In 2012 Monster Energy will be running their own professional S15 drift car alongside Team Japspeed – an RB25-powered Nissan S15 producing over 450bhp. With skilled Irishman Shane O’Sullivan at the wheel Monster and Team Japspeed are aiming for the top spot – watch this space!

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