Mitch Coleborn


When surfing’s most influential filmmaker wants to take six surfers around the world and shoot a movie featuring only the most progressive surfing, and you’re one of the surfers chosen, congratulations. You’re doing something right.

Such was the case for Sunshine Coast native Mitch Coleborn. The filmmaker was Kai Neville. The film was Modern Collective. More than a film, really. A movement. Highly trafficked blog. Print media darling. A revolution! And Mitch was at the heart of it all, grinning.

Why Mitch? Because he has a disregard for how waves have been surfed in the past and is only concerned with how they can be surfed, how they will be surfed in the future. Because he’s got full rotation alley-oops in his arsenal. Rodeo flips. Etc. Mitch’s “etc” is stuff most ‘QS pros still struggle with. And that’s speaking only of his flying tricks, get us started on how he lays his compact frame into those front side gouges and it could be a while. And tubes? Yes, them too. Mitch is the whole package in the water.

But why Mitch? Because he’s got it. That style and confidence that says “I’m going to make mustaches cool again.” And you say, “What do you mean, dude? Mustaches are so last year.” And I know that, but that’s only because Mitch wore his like two years ago.

If Mitch starts wearing nut huggers when he surfs, invest heavily in Speedo.

Enjoy Mitch with whiskey and an open mind.

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