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While the majority of snowboard stars are focused on tricks and airtime, the name of Nate Holland’s game is speed. As the winningest rider in the history of boardercross, Nate is a living legend who has amassed an unprecedented stack of X Games hardware. His back-to-back-back Gold Medal reign from 2005 to 2010 is unmatched in the high-speed, carnage-heavy discipline of SBX. Year after year, the 33-year old from Sandpoint, Idaho trains all summer and comes back in the fall ready for battle. In 2011, Nate’s Winter X 5-peat Gold medal streak was broken when he placed third and earned a bronze. After that race he claimed he put only a “1-year lease” on the Gold and returning to Winter X in 2012, he proved it. He nabbed the gold again in 2012 to begin what will surely be his second streak of competitive success. Nate’s dominance in this demanding and dangerous discipline is a combination of several elements. Strength, speed, control, and conditioning are critical and yet there’s no denying that experience plays a major role in Nate’s deft ability to read the course, avoid disaster and speed past his peers in race after incredible race.

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