Eiju Hirano


Eiju Hirano is a snowboard sensation. As the older half of underage Japanese duo the Hirano Brothers, Eiju is at the forefront of a small but undeniable youth revolution in boardsports.

At just 16, Eiju´s advanced abilities are without a doubt a vision of snowboarding´s high-flying future. He lives at home in Murakami, Japan part-time and also spends time in Southern California, where he´s closer to the industry, sponsors, and the SoCal skate scene. 

Though both he and his 13-year-old prodigy brother Ayumu are sponsored, competitive snowboarders, they are also very capable vert skaters. In snowboarding, Eiju has already begun to compete against the big dogs, and he´s holding his own. At the 2012 US Open Snowboarding Championships, not only was he the youngest rider to compete in halfpipe but he also made the finals and went on to place an impressive 7th against a field of veteran pros and Olympic medalists. 

There´s no doubt Eiju Hirano will be blasting his way on to competition podiums on the world snowboarding tour in the very near future!

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