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Maximum the Hormone is a Japanese rock and metal band from Tokyo. Singer-songwriter and hardcore shredder, Maximum the Ryo-kun, creates songs that combine crushing heavy metal with surprisingly poppy choruses, pop, funk and ska. It`s rare to find bands that are able to incorporate such wildly different sounds so successfully. 

At first listen, Maximum the Ryo-kun` lyrics sound as if they are nonsensical, and so some may think he`s just weaving strange phrases to perplex listeners. But when you really study his lyrics, you`ll find profound sarcasm and criticism. 

We almost never see heavy bands like Maximum the Hormone on Japanese music pop charts, but the album "Bu-ikikaesu" which includes the big hit, "Koi No MegaLover", "What`s up, people?!" and "Zetsubou Billy " (the opening and ending theme songs for Japanese animation "Death Note") sold over 400,000 copies and still keep selling.

There latest release was the EP, "Greatest the Hits 2011-2011"(March 2011). This had topped the national music chart for two weeks and sold 250,000 copies. (*discontinued at the end of September 2011, as planned.)

Maximum the Hormone has appeared at a number of big music festivals in Japan. At the biggest concert in Japan, ”SUMMER SONIC”, the band shared bills with great names such as METALLICA, LINKINPARK, NOFX, THE OFFSPRING and RANCID. At "SUMMER SONIC 2011", the band finally appeared on the main stage and shared it with RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS and X JAPAN to crowds of 30,000 gathered in front of the stage.

Maximum the Hormone has traveled overseas for festivals such as ”HELLFEST” (France) and ”ETP Fest” (South Korea). They went on a US tour with DROPKICK MURPHYS, UK tour with ENTER SHIKARI and headlining Europe tour which sold out for all the shows. The band has been gaining a lot of fans from all over the world.

In 2014, Maximum the Hormone appeared at "Knotfest" which was hosted by Slipknot. 

Maximum the Hormone members are:

Maximum the Ryo-kun




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