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Danny Schneider riding at Grimselpass.

BEHIND THE MONEY SHOT - Danny Schneider slaying it on his custom bike

May 152019

Mind blowing and absolutely unique! Grimselpass is one of the most beautiful serpentine roads in Swiss Alpes. During springtime the roads are still covered with loads of snow featuring snow walls reaching 10m or more! A perfect scenario for Monster Energy´s Custom Biker Danny Schneider to chase his bike on the hill behind the snowblower. “I had the idea to make a turn towards the snow wall and touch my helmet on the wall while the snow blower is throwing the snow up in the air,” explained Danny.

Danny is from Berne (SWI) and knows the landscape of the Swiss Alpes and its surrounding like the back of his hand riding here every year. The custom biker has already been on numerous covers of bike magazines worldwide knowing what a good picture needs to look like. With these experiences Danny is aiming for the secret spots at Grimselpass to get the money shot: “I think it is a picture which has never been done before. We have seen backflips on motocross bikes and drifting cars. Though we [the Swiss] have the landscape and an amazing team. The guys from Meiringen [town in Switzerland] gave us the exclusive access to come up here as the street is still closed. I think Switzerland, snow, bikes… the total mash up could give an unique picture.”

The road from concept to execution can be long and hard and Danny experienced the latter on his first try. The street was covered in water which because of the melting ice. The Swiss was slipping away on the wet and snowy ground crashing his bike. The risk of avalanches, which  was still really high, meant that a guide had to be on standby. Nevertheless, Danny kept on going: “I would not have left this mountain until we have got the shot.”

Watch the whole Behind the Scenes scenario over here:

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