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Cassie Sharpe at the 2016 Ski Winter X Games in Aspen


Jun 022016

Monster Energy congratulates Cassie Sharpe, of British Columbia, Canada, on her first X Games Gold and first-ever X Games medalAs the sun was setting on the 520-foot Superpipe, the 23-year-old rookie claimed the top spot, not just once, but three times. Ousting reigning queen of Ski Superpipe Maddie Bowman, Sharpe earned winning scores on all three of her runs. The announcers pointed out that she could have won on her first run, but instead Sharpe continued to push for better each time.Her second run—an 88.33—was her best scored and featured a huge leftside 900 and two well-grabbed leftside and rightside flairs.“I think my grabs and amplitude are what set me apart,” said Sharpe. Sharpe and seven other competitors threw down their biggest and best at the Winter Park Oslo’s Superpipe. All the female athletes agreed the pipe was running great, however, due to the structure being 47 feet shorter than the X Games Aspen Superpipe, the competitors had to rework their runs for five to six hits rather than their normal six to seven.The change-up didn’t seem to deter anyone, and the Ski SuperPipe women came into the competition inspired after watching Chloe Kim’s winning Snowboard SuperPipe run on Friday night. “She’s an inspiration for all,” said Sharpe. “She sends it so big. She’s pushing the sport for everyone, and it crosses over for us. It’s so inspiring to see her send it in the pipe. I want people to talk about me someday the way they talk about her.”