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Jackson Strong freestyle shoot taken at Brian Deegan/Metal Mulisha Compound in Temecula, CA on April 13.

Freestyle Motocross Athlete

Jackson Strong

Australia Australia


Jackson “Jacko” Strong hails from Lockhart, New South Wales, Australia, where he learned how to ride dirt bikes on his family’s ranch at the young age of five years old. He joined the Crusty Demons at 13 and has been killing the sport ever since. His fearless style brings danger and innovation to freestyle motocross. The Australian rider is a three-time X Games gold medalist (2011, 2012, 2016) and a one-time silver medalist (2017) for MTX Best Trick. He is the ultimate daredevil and is pushing motorsports into whole new levels. He has taken his freestyle riding to the snow, riding snow bikes– crossing his freestyle riding roots with snow sports. He perfectly represents the wild extreme sports attitude, which always leaves us wondering: What will Jacko try next?