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BASS ATTACK is a coalition that resulted from efforts to spread and give exposure to bass-driven music. Introducing musical genres DUBSTEP and DRUM&BASS at its helm, BASS ATTACK is a Bass Culture Brand currently sweeping the scenes of Seoul.

Two months after the launch of "Subliminal" in October of 2011, BASS ATTACK was born from its tracks in Hongdae, and since then has consistently organized events in various venues located throughout Hongdae, Itaewon, and Gangnam. Combining together the more recently popular North American Dubstep with the time tested art of British and European Drum & Bass, BASS ATTACK prefers to emphasize its experienced lineup of artists to bring and lead new trends rather than follow them. BASS ATTACK strives to showcase its distinguished and reputable brand and crew through diverse methods of curation and promotion.

As BASS ATTACK expands itself through diverse cultural events, it looks forward to be the facilitator in unifying international music and artists with domestic crowds. BASS ATTACK presents atmospheres that propulse freewheeling and liberated party vibes, distinguishing itself from the more generic club parties, and with the aid of its respected lineup of artists, aims to be the center of Korea`s bass music scene.

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