Chris Holder


Let’s be clear here, Chris is a speedway sensation. Only 25, he has already racked up four Australian national speedway titles to add to his four under-21 successes and he is destined for the very top of the sport. Aggressive, fast and entertaining, his awesome style on the bike instantly won him fans when he first rode in Britain and from there he has kept climbing the world speedway ladder. Now into his third season on the Grand Prix circuit, ´Noddy´ won his first event in front of 44,000 people at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in 2010 and finished eighth in his first season on the tour.

Chris isn´t just an insanely talented speedway rider, he´s also a great guy and his infectious personality has made him one of the most popular men in the sport. Like most Aussies, he is pretty laid-back but he has a fiery streak that means people know not to get on the wrong side of him. It’s no coincidence that Chris seems to end every season with at least one league championship medal, everything he does ends in success and that is why he´s a rocking an M-claw on his lid. He´s fast, he´s tough and he´s a winner and this year could be the year he makes the breakthrough at the very top of the SGP Series.

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