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Nov 192015

We caught up with Attila at Vans Warped Tour UK. Surrounded by screaming fans, insane pyrotechnics and some of the best bands in the scene, Attila were bouncing of the walls, super hyped to play at Alexandra Palace.

“Come get horny with us because we are crazy!”

How are you enjoying Vans Warped Tour so far?

Amazing!! So far so good! It’s the second year in a row for Warped Tour UK for us, so far so sick!


How would you describe your sound as a band?

Nate - Horny! Really horny – like a way horny version of 2 Chainz, mixed with Fergie, mixed with Jesus, a lot of Jesus

Kalan - Yea we are kind of all over the place! 


Are you enjoying London have you got any other plans while you are here?

Nandos!!! ASAP! Every member of Attilla is a Nandos cardholder, so we take our Nandos seriously when we come here!


Have you heard of a cheeky Nandos?

No! A cheeky nandos? Is that like a secret item on the menu?


Have you got a favorite crowd to play to? Where has been your favourite city on tour?

- We would have to say, London and Japan. Japan for sure!

- Also everywhere in America because its always sick but Japan and London hold it down by far!

- If we just had to play one city at a time it would be LDN or Japan for sure!


Have you got a favorite band to be on the road with?

Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria. Pretty much all our best friend bands are here at Vans Warped Tour.


If you could play with anyone in the world who would it be. Alive or dead?
- Micheal Jackson. I wanna be his homie!

Chris Fronzak- I want to make a more realistic one and say I want to play with Avenge Sevenfold. Avenge would probably be all of our goals to play with.

Nate -  If Avenge Sevenfold are reading this, please could you take Attila out on tour we are fucking awesome…. you will like us!


Do you have a favorite jam / sing a long song on the tour bus?
- Rap like a lot of Mocka Flocka, Madonna - Get into the Groove, Toto - Africa, shit like that! We jam to 80s songs!

Chris Linck- Bury Your Dead, we get pumped on that.

Nate - We are a big eclectic mix of just fucked up shit, you know just moshing music, rap music, 80s music, jazz music (although that doesn’t really get us too hyped) Flamenco – Spanish music that’s pretty rad! Dub and Reggae we were jamming out to that the other day.


 Have you got a favorite snack on the road?
- SPK’s baby! Sour Patch Kids!

Nate - Those Waffle things – caramel waffle biscuit things, I think they are from Belgium, they are so goooood!

- Chips and dip… lets not forget the classic!

- Guacomole!


English food?
- Fish and Chips!

- (Said in an English accent) Proper English breakfast, hash browns, that strange blood sausage stuff everything! HP sauce – we don’t have that. HP sauce i’ss dope!


Who makes the best cup of tea?
Fronzak - I make a weird mix – Earl grey with Maca tea – it’s this plant that you drink from South America – it makes you feel awesome! Trippy tea. With Maca if you are authentic you are meant to drink it from the Gourd which is like a wooden bowl that absorbs the flavor over time.  It’s like a spiritual healing thing.


Do you have any singles, upcoming album releases anything you want to shout about?
We are just chilling right now, in between albums, end of our record cycle, just touring our newest album Guilty Pleasure. Came out about a year a go so promoting Guilty pleasure and meeting all the beautiful faces of the world!

Where has been your most memorable gig?
Back to Japan! It was probably the most memorable just because it was such a wildly different culture, city, the show was amazing! There are people that flew out from Japan just to see us here in the UK. There was someone in Paris last night that flew out from Japan and she is even here tonight! They come to shows in America and LA! We have only been to Tokyo once and we are like shit we need to go back out there! Japan really holds a special place for us!

What is the most destruction you have seen from a crowd?

We ripped a roof off, literaly tore the ceiling down. Well the crowd ripped it down. In Minneapolis, Minnesota we played in a strange skyscraper on the 3rd floor, and having never put on shows in this building before, they decided the first show was going to be Attila. 

The ceiling was probably 8/10ft and people jumped up and ripped the tiles out the ceiling. There was $10,000+ of damage caused to this building and the thing is we never told anyone to do that, on the microphone or anything!  The fans just did that because they were vibing shit that hard! The venue was super mad, the promoter was super mad... the fans went fucking wild! Apparently they haven’t had many shows since that happened because it was such a big destructive event.


Anything else guys?

Check out our newest album Guilty Pleasure. It’s out and you can get it on ITunes. Pick up our whole collection and come get horny with us because we are crazy!

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