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Surfing Athlete

Conner Coffin

United States United States


Remember when Conner Coffin first joined the Monster team? We sure do. Up walked this grinning kid from Santa Barbara, with a bowl cut framing his baby-fat round face — the quintessential surf grom. Or so we thought. Until we learned that he took college business courses, ran his own surf blog, read Hemmingway and occasionally wrote for SURFING Magazine. And his surfing! Such perfect form! Such raw power! He freesurfed. He competed. He charged. His future looked bright. Well, yesterday’s future is now today and we hope you brought your sunglasses. Conner’s now on the Championship Tour, putting his board on rail and pushing his tail with such form and force that the judges are starting to rethink their criteria. And he’s still a renaissance man, with literature and a guitar never far away. He also finished that college degree, so he doesn’t have to worry about finals anymore. Actually, that’s not true. He does have to think about finals. It’s just that now, when he’s taking them, he’s in a contest jersey.