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Surfing Athlete

Parker Coffin

United States United States


There was a time when Parker Coffin was “Conner’s younger brother.” Yes, the duo was tight. And yes, as the younger one, Parker often took Conner’s lead. But over the past few years Parker has emerged a character all his own. And we emphasize the word character. The goofyfoot is all “grown up,” but perfectly walks that line between adulthood and youthful exuberance. He’s a firm handshake and a fart joke. He’s philosophy and fun. He’s Peter Pan with a plan. And his surfing has taken a similar trajectory. While his on-rail power and heavy-water skills are honed beyond his years, the Santa Barbara native maintains an energy and surprise that is as refreshing as a duckdive on a hot day. Now, as he tours the Qualifying Series to eventually join his brother on the CT, watch for Parker’s freesurf edits to hit you with personality, power and panache.