Shane O´Neill


Believe it or not, Shane O’Neill is actually human. In fact, he’s a mild-mannered Australian kid who just happens to skate with the consistency of a video game character. Is it natural talent or hard work? It’s actually heavy doses of both. As a grom, Shane fed his skate addiction by devouring videos and learning tricks in the streets and parks of his native Melbourne. It wasn’t long before Shane and his friends began documenting their sessions on video and it was clear that Shane was both gifted and driven. His best footage began to surface online, three parts in total that each went viral in the skate world and drew high praise from far beyond the borders of Australia. In the spring of 2010, this virtually unknown kid got his debut to a global audience with the release of his highly anticipated pay-per-download video part. The video showed a logic-defying barrage of tech ability. He was dubbed the “first internet pro,” an unfortunate honor he quickly surpassed. With a stacked lineup of sponsors supporting his efforts, Shane transplanted to Southern California to take his skating to the next level. It didn’t take long. He turned pro and produced a groundbreaking part in Not Another TransWorld Video then went on to nab a rookie win at Street League in a field of the world’s top pros. Shane features regularly in the 2013 Street League Skateboarding Nike SB World Tour and is recognised as one of the most technical riders in the sport!"

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