• Kimberley Diamond Cup 2014

    October 02, 2014 Thru October 05, 2014

    Kimberley Diamond Cup World Skateboarding Championships Returns to Kimberley South Africa in October where we will see the worlds best go head to head to try and take the title away from Nyjah Huston.

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  • Lior Sofer Lithuanian Tour

    September 05, 2014 Thru September 08, 2014

    Lior Sofer decided to come to Lithuania and visit our local wakeparks together with the Boarsports crew!

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    August 22, 2014 Thru August 22, 2014

    Once again Helsinki HookUp is here! Monster Energy will host contest that is one of the biggest in whole Europe. It will run 22th to 24th of August at the Helsinki hockey hall.

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  • EEDC 2014 Lithuania

    July 05, 2014 Thru July 05, 2014

    Eastern European Drifting Championship is coming to Kaunas, Lithuania

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  • Galapagai Fest

    August 01, 2014 Thru August 02, 2014

    The annual international rock festival “Galapagai” has deep rock culture traditions and is also the biggest rock music festival in Lithuania...

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