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jorge simoes welcome to the team shoot in proto

Sveikas atvykę į komandą: JORGE SIMŌES

Feb 052021

The Monster Energy family welcomes Jorge Simōes to the fold. Jorge is a beast in the streets, a true skate rat that also loves the hustle of a contest. Originally from Porto, Portugal, Jorge love to skate in his city and is part of the new school of skaters in Europe making a big splash on the international scene.

Taking to the streets of his hometown to film a new part was a top priority for the new kid on the block, and he brought in creative genius, Mr. Daniel Galli, to cook up something special with the classic VX1000. The old-school, new-school camera has set the scene for a long time in skateboarding, creating timeless, legit edits and also settles the score on how many times you can attempt a trick before the tapes run out. Jorge proved he only needed 3 tapes (2 and a half, in fact) to lay down a truly classic edit.


Jorge already has a solid reputation and is no stranger to the podium, working his way up through the AM contest circuit for a while now and regularly placing up amongst the top guys. With solid video parts like Portuguese Man O War, which earned him the moniker as ‘one of the most talented skaters in the world today,’ by Thrasher mag, it’s clear that Jorge has his sights set on making his name one to remember. No small feat for a 25-year-old, with big dreams and even bigger talent.