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Images from Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia

Mountain Biking Athlete

Marine Cabirou

France France


What on earth makes French athletes such a dominant force in downhill mountain bike racing? Whatever it is, Marine Cabirou has it in droves… and then some! Hailing from Millau, France, the young downhiller keeps raising the bar for women’s racing with an increasingly impressive track record. Attracted to the sport at age 8 by her brother, she barged onto the scene by claiming the Junior Women World Championship and overall World Cup titles in 2015. Without missing a beat, Cabirou took home the Elite European Championship one year later and has since evolved into a constant podium threat in the Elite Women division. All the way to the top: In 2020, Marine Cabirou officially became the fastest woman on earth and clinched the World Cup DH Championship title. But she doesn’t let the fame get to her head. Cabirou’s social posts are full of introspection and a unique sense of humor that makes her a treasured friend and teammate. “I think sometimes too many things happen in my head,” she joked on Instagram, which might be true. In her free time, the certified World Champion is earning her master’s degree in marketing at CESNI Chambéry University to expand her horizons. It’s all part of a constant drive for progression, working hard, and pushing the limits to be the best. And perhaps that’s what makes Marine Cabirou so good?