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Dion Agius lives life with enviable ease and flair. Born in Tasmania but residing in Byron Bay, Australia, Dion is looked up to by surfers around the world for his aerial prowess. But really, they should admire him for so much more. He is cultured, interesting and interested — in most everything. He’s a business man (cofounding Epokhe Eyewear in 2012). He dates models that are from Europe and stand six inches taller than him. And yes, his aerial prowess! It’s landed him in all of Kai Neville’s surf films and on covers of magazines. His photography skills have even landed him covers from behind the lens. And so there’s just a sliver of Dion Agius’ being, enough to make you say, “Jeeze, this guy’s resume sure is intimidating. I bet he’s a pretentious little punk.” And then you meet him and he shakes your hand firmly, looks you in the eye, smiles and remembers your name. What a guy! And he is a guy that is now proudly repping a bright green “M” on his board and for that, we are all winners.

Enjoy Dion with a French wine and maybe a French woman, too.

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